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YogaDawg Gear

Due to the extreme commercial value and status of YogaDawg Gear, it is currently only being offered to those people who can claim that they are one of the following:

Yoga Star

Rap Star

Movie Star (excluding Tom Cruise)

When ordering, please provide a detailed email outlining your Star status, your billing information as well as any of the following that is relevant to your particular Star status:

A famous Yoga studio you have opened or style of Yoga you have invented.

A recent album you have completed AND starlet you are currently involved with.

A recent film you have completed.

Expect a significant amount of time to pass before you receive your YogaDawg Gear as an in-depth investigation will be conducted to back up your claim of Star status.


Okay, if you really, really want to buy YogaDawg Gear, then send a $1,000 International Money Order (per shirt) to:

YogaDawg Productions
Postal Drop 419
Ebola Okei-Dokei Street


Our best selling, anti-Yoga Industrial Complex, no logo, no BS YogaDawg Yoga shirt. Each shirt is personally blessed by YogaDawg with a big, fat, juicey Om.

YogaDawg Gear




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