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Yoga Quiz

Are you a Holy Yogi? Take this quiz and find out just how holy you are in your yoga.

1. Do you chant Om during yoga?

What's an Om??
Chanting Om is so cute
Only at studios where there are trendy Om symbols.
I chant the complete Yoga Sutras in Sanskrit
I am OM!!

2. Do you go to yoga classes? If yes where?

Yes. At a gym.
Yes. At a yoga studio.
Yes, At a really cool and trendy yoga shala.
Never! Those SOBs are ripping off Yogis!!
I do yoga in the transcendental realm with ascended yoga masters!

3. What do you wear when you do yoga?

Stuff from Target.
Cool Lululemon stuff.
Clothes from gay yoga designers working in the East Village.
A loin cloth
The ashes of the dead

4. What do you love about Yoga?

I get to show off my smoking bod!
All the cool yoga things you can buy.
It makes me peaceful.
It brings me closer to my spirit.

5. What yoga material do you read??

Yoga Journal.
I can’t read.
The tea leaves.
All the ancient yoga texts.
Patanjali reads to me

6. Have you ever been to India?

Yes, I stayed in Indiana once
Yes, I stayed in a tee-pee there
No, I heard it’s really smelly and gross
Of course. It's Ma India!
I am India!

7. Do you play music during yoga?

Yes. I love the bells and gong thing
Yes. All the trendy yoga musicl
Krishna Das is so cute.
I channel John Lennon during yoga.

8. Do you think YogaDawg is hot?

Hot, hot, hot!!
Only my feminine side.

9. Do you have a yoga blog?

No. Yoga and sex is enough for me....
No. I only make comments on other people’s blogs.
I have the best yoga blog on the web. Go to
I invented the internet.

10. What kind of mat do you practice on?

The cutest pink thing that goes with my yoga togs.
I have the supersized one from WalMart.
A Black Manduka
I practice on burning coals and broken glass.

11. Why do you practiced yoga?

To keep my booty bodacious.
I don't want to be the only female in America that can't do yoga.
I get to wear all this cool tight and trendy yoga gear.
I get to speak Sanskrit.
Are you toying with me?

12. What yoga star do you relate to?

Buddha is so cute.
Rodney Yee.
Seane Corn.
BKS Iyengar.


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