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Exclusive – Chip Wilson’s Last Lululemon Campaign Exposed

Lemon Lu for Yoga Enquirer

Vancouver — In a leaked memo to the board of directors of Lululemon, high ranking employees expressed concerned about an advertising campaign that was about to be launched by Chip Wilson just before he was ousted from the CEO position of the company.

The memo cites that the CEO had been acting “erratic”, citing several employees who claimed that they saw Mr. Wilson sitting naked in a lotus position on piles $100 Canadian bills in middle of his office while chugging bottles of premium kombucha.  

Attached to the memo where several graphics that the former CEO had designed and was about to release in a new marketing campaign.  Besides two full color ads showing Lululemon buyers as being part of the “one percent” and another one showing Mr. Wilson proclaiming, “I laughed all the way to the bank”, the most curious was one showing a Lululemon bag with the slogan, “I am a yoga douchebag” emblazed on it.

The memo concluded that, “Even though this is a damn clever campaign, we can’t risk alienating any more yoga bloggers”, in apparent reference to the firestorm that erupted last year after Lululemon branded the slogan, “Who is John Galt”, on its bags.

Note:  As of March 2011, Wilson's estimated net worth was $1.9 billion. Wilson is linked to the big-ticket Point Grey mansion--worth $37.2--million--currently the most valuable home in Vancouver.  In an interview with the former CEO for this story, Mr. Wilson said his only regret as head of Lululemon was not being able to launch this campaign because he really wanted to let his customers and the public know what he really thought about them.


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TSA Issues New Threat Warning for Airports: Yoga

An Exclusive for GreatGreatYoga Magazine by Hari Hari

If airline travel wasn't scary enough, the Transportation Safety Administration issued its latest alert yesterday, warning travelers about people practicing yoga in airports. In an attempt to stem the increasing public displays of yoga in airports, the TSA have begun deploying special behavior screeners, trained in various yoga styles to spot people who seem prone to acting out with yoga poses. This crackdown has been in response to numerous complaints from airline travelers. Recently a woman who looked like any other traveler caught the attention of yoga behavior screeners as she stood in line at Kennedy Airport. “It was something about the way she was standing,” explained Ben Henry, a supervisor. She was standing on her head.

The woman was questioned, every inch of her body scanned twice with a metal-detecting wand and her carry-on bag examined. Out came a yoga block, a yoga strap, sticks of incense, a vial of lavender message oil, a collection of mala beads, a bottle of Kumbuca, several Rodney Yee DVDs, a neti pot, a Krishna Das CD, a copy of My Third Eye Itches, a bag of Goji berries and a pair of ToeSox. They had found a yogi. The screener warned the woman about practicing yoga in the airport and sent her on her way. TSA officials refuse to say exactly what sort of behavior can make them suspicious, but part of the effort relies on watching for inappropriate smiles or grins, beatific facial expressions, closed eyes, silent chanting, quietly mouthing Om, sitting cross legged, standing on one leg or weird methods of stretching.

Many airline passengers are applauding this new crackdown on displays of yoga in airports. Virginia Randall, who was eating from a jumbo snack food bag and drinking a Big Gulp, stopped long enough to explain her irritation with these people. “Do I need to be subjected that crap. It’s bad enough that they are all thin, flexible and contorting themselves into demonic poses, but do they have to do that in the middle of the seating area? My God, enough already,” she exploded while dramatically jabbing the air with a half eaten Cheese-O. “If I did that kind of stuff, my husband would leave me…wait, now where the hell did he run off to?,” she asked as she looked around for her husband.

Another airline traveler, Carrie Woodman, remarked how aggressive these yogis seem to be. “They are just like those Hare Krishna people that used to hang out in airports years ago,” she explained. “I can deal with the inconvenience of taking my shoes off, being strip searched or even having to deal with crying babies and cell phone users on planes, but these yoga people are the worse. I’m glad the TSA is cracking down on them. Who need that show-off stuff? Next thing you know they’ll be doing yoga in the plane,” she added.

Leaving the airport waiting area, we spotted Ms. Randall’s husband having a beer in the airport bar along with a few other men. They were staring intently at a young Lululemon clad yogini going through her moves in the seating area. After each pose, the men would raise their glasses and let out a cheer. “This is hotter than the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue,” one of the men exclaimed to which Mr. Randall added wistfully, “I wish my wife could bust some moves like that…”



Twisted Tridents of Truth - How Yoga Journal Turned American Yoga Into An American Circus

Twisted Tridents of Truth - How Yoga Journal Helped Turn American Yoga Into A Yoga Circus – The Last Ten Years Of Yoga in America

This new book traces the recent history of yoga in America. While other books have explored yoga from its humble beginnings in India (Yoga Body, Singleton) to the beginning of yoga in America (The Subtle Body, Syman), “Twisted Tridents of Truths” recounts the most significant period in yoga history; the period from 2001 to the present. This period coincides with Yoga Journal’s purchase by a media company resulting in the complete hegemony of the contemporary yoga imagery by the magazine and the resulting clownification of the ancient practice. This book explores the real history of contemporary yoga.

From the opening chapter, “Damn Hippies”, this book describes the true birth of popular American postural yoga one rainy morning at Woodstock, NY. The chapter, “La La Yogaland” finds the mass migration of yoga hipsters (yogsters) from across the country to LA where they begin to cash in on the yoga boom. This results in the epic struggle between hippie yoga and hipster yoga as described in the chapter “Yoga Wars”. While the yoga war rages on in yoga blogs, pop yoga magazines and with b-list yoga stars leading the charge against the stalwarts of “that good ole’ time yoga”, the warring factions of yoga unite to fight a common enemy that appeared from the heavens one clear fall morning to threaten all earth bound yogas. With the invasion of yoga practicing aliens and the hybrid yogas that they spawned, the chapter, “Extraterrestrial Yoga”, describes this invasion and the ultimate survival of earth yoga with the mass mutation between alien and earthling yoga. This is the yoga we see being practiced today in hip, new and expensive yoga studios described in the chapter, “American Yoga Circus”.

In this book, you will learn about:

Evil yoga studios

Brain washed yoga zombies

Tantric voodoo sex

Sumo wrestlers in bakasana

Horny guru lovers and the horny gurus who love them

Burned out yoga bloggers and b-list yoga stars who hate them

Tattooed hipster yoga freaks

Reincarnated harpies

Bengal tiger blood


Psychedelic hippie yoga chicks on acid

Origin and short history of the bed of nails

Angry white yuppie yoga hordes

Hippie gods


Angelic yoga teachers practicing demonic yoga

Alien abducted sacred cows


Laughing YogaDawgs

Indian leprechauns

Naked yoginis in partner poses (in artful black and white)

Spontaneous levitations in Saturday morning yoga classes

Deviant yoga gurus

Hot pants wearing guruettes


Yoga gangsters eating sushi off of topless yoginis

The GreatTrancendentalYoga SuperStore

Goji berries

Outsourced Indian holy men

Black market mala beads

Ninja yogis riding unicorns

Yoga douche bags


Yoga conference whores

Disappearing elephants

Crying Buddhas

Fake birth certificates by orange men

Mysterious visitors dressed in black speaking Yoglish

Tainted yoga mats from China

Failed rockers finding new careers as kirtan singers (and their loyal yoga groupies)

Smokable cannabis yoga mats

Hairless, yoga studio, pretty boys

Transcended slime mold consciousness

Shitty siddhis

Saint that produces yoga blocks out of thin air (in Baltimore)

Yoga practicing extraterrestrials

American three ring yoga circus

World’s largest chapatti

The truth of the ultimate yogic colon cleanse

and more….

Available NOW in a yoga studio near you and soon to be a major yoga film starring Charlie Sheen, the Two Goddesses and all the Yoga Stars on the planet.

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