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Type of student you will find in a Yoga class


Wet Blanket

Doubting Thomas

Back Seat Driver

Fashion Victim

Dead Ringer

Devil's Advocate

Diamond in the Rough

A Dope

Loose Cannon

Mad Hatter

Bag Man


Son of a Gun

Yes Man

One-hit Wonder

Peeping Tom

Wolf In Sheep's Clothing

Shit for Brains

Stool Pigeon

Sick Puppy

Whipping Boy

Straw Man

Bad Egg

Basket Case

Blonde Bombshell

Blue Blood



Yoga List


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I've never laughed so hard in my life: YogaDawg. Check out, in particular, the Styles + Dangers. They absolutely nail it. - Alosaurus


You're going straight to hell. I'll see you there.  We'll have drinks. Love the site. - Bernadette



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