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Things a Yoga studio will not allow 

Lame ducks

Foregone conclusions

Non-edifying behavior

Nuclear proliferation

Being badgered to death

Binge drinking

Hissy fits

Magic realism

Walking the plank

Montezuma's Revenge

Moving the goalposts

Flying off the handle

Beating a hasty retreat

Nautical phrases

Mickey Finns

Channel surfing

Glass ceilings

Crocodile tears

Jaws of death

Pots calling the kettle black

Technicolor yawns

Teflon presidents

The third degree

Raising Cain

Urban myths


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Check out the YogaDawg's hilarious! - Linda's Yoga Journey


I've never laughed so hard in my life: YogaDawg. Check out, in particular, the Styles + Dangers. They absolutely nail it. - Alosaurus


You're going straight to hell. I'll see you there.  We'll have drinks. Love the site. - Bernadette



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