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The YogaDawg List for 2008

Wracked by falling home prices, the falling dollar, high gas prices, high entry fees to Yoga classes coupled with global warming, dwindling energy resources and heavy carbon-footprints, the Yoga masses start opting out of expensive Yoga workshops and conferences and dream of joining Yoga co-ops.

They unanimously reject Yoga Journal’s slick ads, overhyped yoga studios, self-indulgent yoga accoutrements and 'hot yoga' as environmentally irresponsible. They discover new frontiers in Yoga instruction via YouTube, social networks and home practice.

There is a sense that Yoga is fast approaching the Kali Yuga phase with news of Madonna kicking out students and teachers from her Yoga class; Pat Robertson declaring that Yoga is spooky while Bikram is charged with running an illegal studio. Yoga suddenly is going into a bunker mentality. Yogis stay home, get rid of their Lululemon crap, and sing the Yoga Electric while doing nude Yoga. Look for Yoga stars shedding their former images this year while they try to catch and ride the Neo-Yoga wave. You might even find a bandana or a black Manduka abandoned outside your Yoga studio.


What's Out, What's In

Male Yoga Star Rodney Yee Edward Clark
Female Yoga Star Seane Corne Rainbeau Mars
Celeb Male Yogi Sting Russell Simmons
Celeb Female Yogi Madonna Diane Farr
Male Yoga Singer Krishna Das Dave Stringer
Female Yoga Singer Deva Premal Alanna
Yoga Magazine YJ YQ
Yoga Book Light on Yoga Right on Yoga
Yoga Website
Yoga Blog My Third Eye Itches My Third Eye Itches
Yoga Style Budokon SuperDuperBlissInducer
Yoga Pose The Crane The Bumblebee
Yoga Mantra Om Shalom
New School Yoga Power Yoga Para Yoga
Old School Yoga Iyengar Ashtanga
Really, Really Old School Yogi Swatmarama Patanjali
NYC Studio Jivamukti Yoga to the People
LA Studio Exhale YAS
Yoga Studio Concept $20+ classes $10 classes
New Yoga Trend Dog Yoga Cow Yoga
Yoga Drink Jamba Juice Naked Juice
Yoga Video Yoga Action Squad
Doing the Rodney
Yoga Togs  Lululemon EvenKeel Yoga
Yoga Issue Global Hunger Global Warming
Yoga Mat Black Manduka It Ain't Lavender
Yoga Cure Yoga for Weight Yoga for Depression
Yoga Travel India Tibet
Yoga Type Hot Yoga Nude Yoga
Yoga Cause
Save the Whales
Save the Bees


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