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Read what others are saying about My Third Eye Itches .

EXTREME CAUTION: Shameless self-promotion follows.


YogaDawg Web Awards

Yoga blog award

A master of yoga humor - Stefanie Syman, Author - The Subtle Body

I cracked up when I saw the bald picture of me in YogaDawg. Thanks for making me laugh and affirming why I shouldn't cut my hair.... - Seane Corn, Yogi

I love your blog. - Cyndi Lee, Yogi

Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that I am loving “My Third Eye Itches.” It’s great to come across another yoga writer with a sense of humor. My only regret is that I didn’t write it myself. - Anne Cushman, Author - Enlightenment for Idiots

I love YogaDawg. - Sadie Nardini, Yogi

Love your site - funny!!! - David Newman (Durga Das), Kirtan Musician

I love the concept. Very funny. - Rainbeau Mars, Yogi

Your site is pretty wondering of course how I might fare when the dawg sets his sights on kirtan singers. - Dave Stringer, Kirtan Musician

Brilliant. I wish YogaDawg had as many followers as Iyengar. - OmJoshuaOm to see good yoga satire. - Sally Kempton, Writer

I had a good graze through your web site and, apart from feeling jealous that I hadn't written some of it, enjoyed it immensely. - Edward Clark, Yogi

Your web site is brilliant. Thank you, thank you, thank you... - Vanda Mikoloski, Stand Up Comic

Your YogaDawg website is awsome, man. I don't remember ever laughing this hard with tears streaming down my cheeks and snot pouring out of my nostrils. Keep up the good work. - Cinthia

I love your site....very funny!!....You are the Joel Mchale/Soup of yoga - Kimberly Fowler, Yoga Spokesperson for Nike

Your site is hilarious! - Alanna, Kirtan Musician

Pretty amazing, funny site! - Deborah Koff-Chapin, Artist

Your insight and humor had me laughing out loud several times. - Lynda Carre, Artist, Yogi

Love it! - David Romanelli, Yogi

Irreverent, hilarious, and wacky satire, revealing the sensibility of a New Yorker slash crazy guy. - YogaSpy Blog

Love your humor! - Dina Prioste, Yogi

Irreverent, hilarious, and wacky satire, revealing the sensibility of a New Yorker slash crazy guy. - YogaSpy Blog

Kudos for the most hillarious website ever created! - Dramedy Queen Blog

Insane - ridiculously over the top - hysterical and wickedly in the face of others and outside the box of everything - just where I like to live this life. Thanks for everything on your site which I've only begun to review. I appreciate efforts that go way beyond.....  - Les Leventhal, Yogi

Shared the Olga video it with my yoga teacher friend who said: "seriously twisted....and I mean that in the best possible way!" - Kevin, Yogi

Wish I could be as funny as YogaDawg....though I AM laughing inside and spreading non-serious yoga love wherever I can- including telling my students to RUN to his site and practice laughing out loud!  - Laughing Yogini Blog

Our favorite canine yogi, YogaDawg. - YogaDork Blog

I like the itchy 3rd eye. Please keep making us laugh, sometimes we all get so damn serious about this whole thing. I personally need someone to remind me it's all a big joke in the end...!  - Facebook Wall

Yoga is funny. Some of those postures--OMG! - Anne Seisen Saunders, Roshi

You are a healer—a Shaman—a person that has the ability to shift people’s perspectives. - Mahita Devi, Yogi

Check out my new Yoga Journal online article, Class Clown. You were my inspiration for this--seriously. - Melissa Garvy, Writer, Yogi

I love your site! Thank you so much for that! I needed that so badly. I clicked on your site so I'm laughing out loud and people are smiling at my laughing and it feels great. - Yoga District

Your website makes me laugh & smile.  Keep up the good investigative reporting on yoga. - Stacy McCarthy, Yogi

Kudos for the most hillarious website ever created! - Dramedy Queen Blog

Your site is hilarious.  I've been trying to get a couple of friends to start a satirical site on the yoga world and Wow! you've done it!   - Ann Randolph, Actress, Playwrite

Your website is truly wonderful! You really have something delightful and original here.. - Trebbe Johnson, Author

I love you. Who ever you are.! - Jennifer Schelter, Yogi

I sent a link to your blog to all my yoga peeps, students and teachers, and everyone thinks it's great...and hysterical! - Linda's Yoga Journey Blog

A Satyr disguised as a dog, YogaDawg, that is. A Sacha Baron Cohen for the yoga world. A satirist looking right and left to Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart then over his shoulders to Andy Kaufman and Lenny Bruce. Bottom line, YogaDawg is genius. - Wendy Boller, Yogi

Your site is amazing. - James Brown, Yogi

What a fantastic site! ...brilliant work. - Anna Stone, Actress, Yogi

Your site is like a yoga tonic with a welcome twist of humor. Yippeeee! - Jill Miller, Yogi

I LOVE your site!!! It's about time someone makes yoga less serious! Thank you for that. - Tamara Schreyer, Yogi

...funny & refreshing. But do not go to it if you take your yogi self too seriously. It's possible you may meet yourself over there. - Bindifry Blog

I love the site. I think your humor totally rips into the consumerism that is surrounding yoga right now and you "get" at a lot of ideas we've expressed here about this stuff. I think you are absolutely SKEWERING what parts of yoga that are getting so off track from its real message.- Suzanne LaForest, Yogi

You're going straight to hell. I'll see you there.  We'll have drinks. Love the site. - Bernadette, Yogi third eye and even my two normal ones were weeping copious amounts of tears of laughter, flooding my already moldy carpet and ruining my new fur pajamas. My empty stomach growled in protest as my sides and ribs contracted in and out as the laughing wouldn't stop. - Victoria, Yogi

Love your site! Very funny. People need to have more of a sense of humor about it and more earthiness. So I dig what you're doing. Keep it up! - Sarah Deming, Author

Fall on your asana funny! - Amy Gordon, Yogi

I LOVE your website, in a horrified way. - Sage Yoga

I hope your site's doing well, I think it's great. - YogaBeans Blog

Love what you do! - Art of Yoga

...way cool website, Dawg. - Lehigh Valley Yoga Center

I enjoyed my visit to your website. I couldn’t agree more: its important to take your yoga practice seriously, but not yourself! - Schoolhouse Yoga

Very brave of you (I bring my dog to class! Ha!). Thanks for the levity. - Prananda Yoga

Love your site! It definately put a smile on my face this morning! - Deep Art and Yoga

Just found your site, it's great! - Bowdown Yoga

Brilliant. - Yoga Berri Blog

Your website is funny, I enjoyed reading it! - Sunset Yoga

I'm looking at your site- its great! Making me laugh, laugh, laugh. Hard.! -

Who would have thought you had this in you!! I’m laughing my ass off …. And I'm gonna order a tshirt... YoFU Yoga Studio…. Love it!!! - YogaDawg's sister Susie

I salute you. Humor is a life raft - Yoga and Wellness Center

I greatly enjoyed your wry sideswipes at pretentious YogaNerds. - Mus Murray, Yogi

Your bio movie is quite impressive - Breathing Time Yoga

I agree with you that levity is very important to yoga ... to life! It's serious enough without having to take it seriously! - Richard Stathem, Yogi

You are too funny. - Yoga Nine

Thank you for the last hour of hysterical giggles! I have promptly forwarded your website on to fellow teachers whom I know will share the laughter here in New Zealand. What a joy it has been to discover your site, thanks again. - Yoga Balance

The yoga community has been needing you for a long time! - Julie Erwin, Yogi

L O V E your site! - Blis Yoga

Love the irony of your site. What a relief! - Spacesuit Yoga

Ha! I loved the site and did laugh out loud -- thank you for some fresh air. -Paradise Found Yoga

OMG that is the funniest thing I have read for EVER! I might need to do some yogic breathing just to get over the hysterical laughter! - Just Breathe Blog

I laughed, really hard. And then I laughed some more. - Open Spaces Yoga

've never laughed so hard in my life: YogaDawg. Check out, in particular, the Styles + Dangers. They absolutely nail it. - Alosaurus

Love your site, and its message. It's hilarious! - Masala Yoga

You have a keen eye and a great sense of humor. Your satire is funny, but with teeth. It's a great corrective and counter-commentary on the state of yoga.- tiloka108

Awesome site - Yoga Coffee Outlook

I enjoyed your site.  Yoga and laughter...what a concept! - Living Yoga Studio

I checked out your site and got the laughs I needed today. Thanks!  Keep up the humor! - Yoga Hawaii

I find your website very funny. My compliments for your sense of humor. - Ashtanga Yoga Bologna

You guys rock. I'll be spreading the word. - Yoga Yoga Studio

Very clever and quite funny. - Barefoot Works Yoga Studio

I have been looking at your site and it is a hoot. - Raleigh Yoga Center

I enjoyed your way funny web site and pointed humor. - Bhava Yoga Studio


Blog Posts:

Yoga blogpost of the decade...thanks for making us laugh at ourselves & everyone else in the twisted trident of truth that is YOGA - Bindy Fry's Itty Bitty Brain Basket

Being short on ideas as to what I could do to distract me from my panic about basal cell carcinoma I decided to get on the web to find something funny to read. Nothing like a good laugh. And there I found it: the YogaDawg blog. It cheered me up a lot. - YogaCafe

The YogaDawg Interview - It's All Yoga Baby

Our favorite canine yogi, YogaDork

Yoga Styles, According to YogaDawg. Oh YogaDawg, where have you been all my life? - From Nikki Chau's blog

Check out his super funny blog. - Dog Yoga

I found myself rolling out of my computer chair laughing hysterically at YogaDawg’s yoga toons. - Barefoot Bhakti

Funny, Funny and Funny Some More!! - Yogaraj

YogaDawg Rocks. - Acts of Hope

The snarky lovechild of "Yoga Journal" and "The Onion." - NaYoPracMo

Satirizes the too-serious, too-hip yoga joints, like his skewering of the "hot yoga" school." - Gray Matter

I’ve been parusing this site for the past hour giggling like its my first time rolling on my back in Gaba Pindasana. - Sati-Blog

A Yoga must-read. - The Accidental Yogist

Check out the YogaDawg's hilarious! - Linda's Yoga Journey

The underground classic - iHanuman

YogaDawg is such a wonderful and fun site where you can spend HOURS just checking everything out. - Cupcakes and Yoga

Too funny....Barefoot Works

The sharpest and most observant entries - Mahamondo

Good Site: My Third Eye Itches. - Blueollie

Dawg is downright irreverent (and hilarious). - Grounding Thru the Sit Bones

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