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Yoga Love Questionaire

Welcome to the YogaDawg Yoga Dating Service Questionaire. We understand how you have become cynical about other dating services that promised much but delivered little or nothing. We know how painful it was being rejected by because you indicated you were a Yogi and how the other popular dating sites have matched you to the psycho fringe crowd. Well, here at last is a true dating site for the serious Yogi. Take this questionaire and find the Yogi/Yogini of your dreams.

_____ Are you male?
_____ If yes, do you think Yoga is "kinda’ gay?"

_____ Are you female?
_____ If yes, do you think Yoga is "kinda’ gay?"

_____ If other, do you think Yoga is "kinda’ gay?"


What kind of Yogi are you? (if unsure, take this quick Yoga quiz)
_____ Yogi-Bobo
_____ YIP
_____ YOG
_____ Sadhu
_____ YogaDawg


Where do you live?
_____ California
_____ Mysore/Pune, India
_____ Yogaville
_____ Right Here
_____ Out There (zing, zing)
_____ Other


Do you live in a:
_____ House
_____ Apartment
_____ Yoga Studio
_____ Coffee Shop
_____ Bookstore
_____ Cubicle at work
_____ Cardboard box
_____ Cave
_____ Tee pee
_____ Have no need for shelter


How do you travel to your yoga class?
_____ A hydrocarbon spewing/environmental destroying/natural resource sucking/self-centered and selfish vehicle
_____ A hybrid
_____ A bus
_____ A bike
_____ Earth shoes
_____ Levitation
_____ Magic carpet
_____ Teleportation


_____ Are you a yoga teacher?
_____ If yes, what type are you? (If unsure, read the YogaDawg Guide to Yoga Teachers)
_____ Guru
_____ Exotic Dancing Shakti
_____ Facilitator
_____ Whatever
_____ High Touch
_____ High Tech
_____ Enlightened One
_____ Philosopher
_____ Mumbler
_____ Old Guard
_____ Clueless


_____ When doing yoga do you get in the ‘zone’?
_____ If yes, what zone?

_____ Are you zoned now?
_____ If yes, are you able to tune other Yogis in?
_____ Can you broadcast?
_____ If yes,what frequency are you on?
_____ Are you in the Twilight Zone?
_____ How about a Hot Zone?


Your yoga practice helps you to:
_____ Be here now
_____ Be in your body (inner body experience)
_____ Be out of your body (out of body experience)
_____ Puts you out of this world
_____ Puts you on Cloud Nine
_____ Who am I, how did I get here, where am I going?

_____ Can other Yogis join your there?


Do you have any of these special talents:
_____ Walk on water
_____ Raise the dead
_____ Practice tantric sex with select hotties in Yoga class
_____ Charm cobras
_____ Walk through walls
_____ Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound
_____ Part major bodies of water
_____ Rride a magic carpet (or yoga mat)
_____ Sleep on a bed of nails

_____ Have you ever been institutionalized due to these talents?
_____ Do you have a job?


_____ When did you attend your last Kirtan?
_____ Who was leading it?
_____ Can you name the chants sung.
_____ Did you understand what they were chanting?
_____ Do you chant your own chants?
_____ Do you chant in public?
_____ If yes, how loud?
_____ Are you a cool chanter?


_____ Have you ever been on the cover of Yoga Journal?
_____ If yes, do you date old, short, bald Yogis with beer bellies?
If yes, stop now and send email to for priority processing. Include year and month of issue.
If no, proceed to next question.


What level of Yogi are you? (If unsure check the OSHA Guide to Yogis)
_____ Initiate
_____ Novice
_____ Ascetic
_____ Monk
_____ Sadhu
_____ Guru
_____ Boddhisattva
_____ Yoga Star


_____ Are you rich?
_____ Do you have a suger daddy/mama?
_____ Do you own a Yoga studio?
_____ If yes, how many?
_____ Are you a leader of a cult?
_____ Are you a Yoga Star?


How many cats do you own?
_____ 1
_____ 2-5
_____ 6-12
_____ 12+
_____ I own a Bengal tiger

_____ Did you name any of your cats after any of the Chakras?
_____ Did you name them after any Hindu, Buddhist, Shinto gods?
_____ Have you ever been evicted because of all the cats you own?


What language do you speak:
_____ English
_____ Yoga BS
_____ Sanskrit
_____ In tongues
_____ Through telephethy
_____ I speak to the hand
_____ Have transcendented the need to speak
_____ Other


_____ Do you play a durm?
If yes, what kind:
_____ African drum
_____ Tabla
_____ Bongos
_____ Bass Drum in a marching band
_____ Are you in a drum circle?

_____ Are you a Wicca


On a date, have you ever:
_____ Practised a yoga pose while pondering a menu?
_____ Engaged in loud Ujayyi breathing?
_____ Explained Bramacharya to your date when they suggested having sex?
_____ Spontaneously entered a meditative state?
_____ Floated into space or melted into a waxy pool?
_____ Thought about opening a Yoga studio?

_____ Has a date ever 'deep sixed' you because of the above?
_____ If yes, how long did it to take you to realize that you were 'deep sixed'?


_____ Have you ever done partner Yoga?
_____ If yes, have you ever done partner yoga with more than one partner at a time?
_____ If yes, what were the most partners?
_____ Was it fun?
_____ Are you into naked partner yoga?
_____ If yes, can I join?

_____ How often do you engage in partner yoga?
_____ Do you practice safe mat hygiene?


_____ What brand mat do you use?
_____ Did you buy it or receive it as a gift?
_____ How many times a day do you use it?
_____ Does it smell (see mat hygiene question above?)


What is your age?
_____ Jail bait
_____ 18-28
_____ Old
_____ Prehistoric
_____ Ageless
_____ Ah, forget about it…..


In public do you wear:
_____ Chic Yoga clothes
_____ Non-leather Sandles and Malas
_____ Saffron Robes
_____ Face paint
_____ Nothing

_____ Do you carry a Trident or alms bucket?


At the end of a date, what do you do?
_____ Chaturanga
_____ Chant
_____ Whisper Om
_____ Breath of Fire
_____ Flee to a yoga studio
_____ Transcend the here and now


_____ Do you visit
If so, do you think YogaDawg is:
_____ A Geek?
_____ Hot?

If you answered ‘hot’, stop now and send email to with a photo of yourself for priority processing, otherwise proceed to next question.


Write a haiku in the space provided below:

Draw a self portrait of yourself in a favorite Yoga pose



Compose 8 bars of a yoga chant


For immediate processesing, send this questionaire in with a $379 International Money Order to:

YogaDawg Productions
Postal Drop 419
Ebola Okeidokei Street


Yoga Love



Your site is pretty wondering of course how I might fare when the dawg sets his sights on kirtan singers. - Dave Stringer

Your web site is brilliant. Thank you, thank you, thank you... - Vanda Mikoloski (Quantum Comedienne)

Your site is like a yoga tonic with a welcome twist of humor. Yippeeee! - Jill Miller



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